Monday, July 18, 2011

ChronoTrigger Fanart

My friends were recently doing some fan art of Chrono Trigger.. and I just so happen to be playing it on my ds.. so thought i'd do a little tribute.

Monday, July 4, 2011


a couple of illustrations for my friend, Ky0n's magazine project. Not sure if it'll be in it or not...
the theme: Courting.

GOSH Charity Monster Book

This was done for GOSH's (Great Ormond Street Hospital) Charity. They are putting together a monster book comprised of monsters the children came up with. I was lucky enough to be invited to do an illustration for this book project. My monster was Zerain-Miniteur.

Moose-Toad Guardian

It's been a while since i updated. Mainly because I've been lazy.. but I have been drawing. this was a recurring theme, your guardian spirit, from the vancouver sketchgroup, but I updated mine since I last did this from a toad to a Moose-Toad.