Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is finally out! at least in Australia for now... but unlike the first Drawn to Life.. this one features an Opening and Ending Sequence! (OPENING: Story written by Jeremiah, Animations by Paul, music by David J Franco, and Storyboards/Backgrounds by me)... (ENDING: not shown in the clip but done by the talented Braid Artist, David Hellman).

linked is the first 10 mins of the game including the OPENING sequence, which starts at 1:36.
(tiny cartridge).

Sunday, October 11, 2009

sketchbook dump

I did some sketches today at the Sketchgroup... a mish mash of different styles, or as Jimmy would call it "stylistically schizophrenic". I just felt like drawing whatever came to mind. The theme was Prosthesis... so i did one based on that.. but the rest just didn't really fall into any specific 'theme'. I was sort of in this Final Fantasy mode after going to "Music of Final Fantasy: Distant World on thurs... that's why there is a Terra fanart there.. which I thought looked half decent. might take that one further later or do more of the other characters. The music was performed by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.. although not as 'punchy' and as the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra that performed it in 20020220... it still managed to give me goosebumps towards the end when they played the FFVI music. Wish they had more of these shows.

The drawing of Joji's headphones I thought was kinda cool... did that while I was at 221. Apparently there was yet another flooding incident that took place. It's unfortunate because the drywall-ceiling was put up not too long ago. Not even completely spackled, primed or painted. I think parts of it will have come down, otherwise mold might start to buildup. Sigh...