Sunday, October 17, 2010

my first book!...

debuted @ Canzine West: Broken Pencil - a zine show for independently published books. thanks to Shiu for helping me out with printing and the business cards. The whole process took about 3-4 days. printing 1 day. stitch binding 1 day. cutting/cropping 1/2 day. and putting on the cover.. 1 day.

I planned on making it a hard cover.. but due to lack of experimentation and time constraints.. i decided to go with the soft - the paper i used were just shy of a few centimeters for the hardcover. the book defintely has a DIY-feel to it as the edges of the pages were hacked at with my razor blade. but thought it added to the charm. the book is a compilation of sketches from my NY sketchbook when i was visiting my sister after my UK trip.

I haven't decided to put this up for sale on the web yet.. as i have yet to setup some sort of online payment thing AND i probably dont have enough copies made yet to be selling them on the web... but if you are interested shoot an email my way.