Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grad Project fin: Faith, Peace, Hope

So i've finally finished my grad project!!! pretty excited how it turned out. took me about a couple of weeks on and off. i was kinda getting sick of it after the first 2 weeks and waited another 2 weeks before picking it back up. tomorrow is the deadline so HAD to add the finish touches. Grad show is next week! I think I've pushed myself for this project quite abit. I normally don't paint..First time doing gold leafing.. and this is by far the biggest i've worked with painting in acrylics and experimenting with various pastes and gels. this piece consists of 3 panels each 2X5 Ft. done in acrylics. C&C welcome. now time to get some sleep...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goodbye for now Vancouver....April 13 gestures

Welp, it's probably my last session at Basic Inquiry as I prepare for my move down south to my new home Seattle! Might drop by once in a blue moon.. but I look forward in seeing what Seattle has to offer!
I will be doing concept work for 5th Cell, a little independent gaming company I've been lucky enough to be freelancing for the past couple of years. Should be fun working there!

until then,
here's what came out of last weekend's session.
PS: I screwed up the date on these drawings. they should have said 13th. didn't notice until i checked the date today....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Vancouver Sketchgroup Sketches

Here are some of my sketches from my sketchgroup