Tuesday, June 1, 2010

in the UK!

my first post since arriving in the UK. weather-wise... I'd say it's kind of like Vancouver, so nothing out of the ordinary. didn't take that many pictures but here are a couple I liked more than others... I did however meet the guy that runs the London sketchgroup by coincidence at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Lee was drawing one of the many statues there at the museum.. I asked him if he's heard of the Sketchcrawl.. and he said "yes, I organized it"... I was like AWESOME! by any chance, have you heard of a local Sketchgroup?" and then he said " yes. I run that every other week." I couldn't have been more happy b/c i was looking for a sketchgroup online but apparently there was another one in London before Lee, but was disbanded? or the guy that ran it left the UK.. so i was pretty much planning on sketching it out alone. anyway. I have been sketching at the local coffee shops.. haven't had time to scan or take pics of them yet.. but will probably have an update later on with just sketches from the sketchbook.