Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sketches @ Blendz Coffee

still had some momentum from yesterday's sketchcrawl so decided to meet up with a couple of friends to do more sketching at Blendz coffee on Granville and Broadway. This is actually a pretty good location for drawing since it's right next to the busstop and there are people coming and going, and waiting for the buses etc. but of course i didn't draw ANY people this time.. next time around. here were the sketches done today...


Bibi said...

love the black robots and the sketches.This blog worth more visits I'm grateful to sketchcrawl so i couls see your work:)

Wynne Chen said...

Nice sketches:)
Thank you for coming to Sketchcrawl and nice to meet you. 15 people was not bad. I had SC in NB by myself..:O..haaa

weno said...

i've come from sketchcrawl forum.
hey, great work. love the lines.

jimmy ly said...

how do you make such mundane things so awesome?