Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sketchcrawl Vancouver

Joined the 20th Annual International Sketchcrawl in the cold and windy Vancouver. Location was on Granville Island. First time joining. Compared to the other sketchcrawls around the world, I guess our turnout was not as impressive. I think we had about 15 people? But it was great drawing on the island and got to meet a lot of talented new people around town. If the weather was a bit warmer and the sun was out a bit earlier i think our group could have stayed together a bit longer before splitting off into groups. Here are the sketches from the crawl.


Roland said...

Nice sketches. 15 is a pretty good turn out. In London we managed only 8

ushio18 said...

you're right, Roland. I guess it was because I was looking at the San Francisco group. they had like 60 people I think..