Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sketchgroup @ Studio 221A

Interesting Sketchgroup this week... Normally we'd have the sketchgroup at a coffee house, but this week, it was decided that we head to Studio 221A for the sketchgroup. Thanks to Jonathan for accommodating us. The interior setting was a nice change of pace from the regular coffee house setting. The studio was filled with things to draw. I could spend a whole day just sketching in there. anyway, here are this week's sketches.


Jonathan Tiong said...

Hey, that's my hand!

You were really on a roll today. These drawings really captured the moment. I love the first one- the irony of just painting the floor, and how the details are beautifully reduced to symbols.

Morena P said...

Yee! I'm in 2 pictures! And even Kym :D !!! I'm a famous model now XD
Compliments again for the details and the style ;)