Friday, January 16, 2009

Daruman me!

So I decided to take a screen-printing workshop at Blim. They're a local custom t-shirt store that runs these little t-shirt workshops. I attended one tonight and it was AWESOME. I think they're the ONLY store that run workshops and have open studio for anyone who wants to drop in and just print a couple of t-shirts and go. Highly recommended for people who don't want to spend money getting all the equipment themselves but just want to create a cool tshirt here and there for friends and family.

My shirts turned out far better than I expected. Many many thanks to Yuriko, the workshop leader, for running the workshop. It was very well conducted and I'd definitely drop by and work on some more in the future. Edy's sweatshop here I come!!! Meanwhile, here's what I printed in tonight's workshop...

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