Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dec 6-7 sketches

At Waves coffee again this weekend... arrived late. so only got 1 page.
but got some other sketches done from the photos I took of the Vancouver DTE. I'm hoping to get some of these painted on canvas. so these would serve as a study.

I recently moved into Gallery 221A, an artist collective also known as NOART, formed by Emily Carr students. It's a great place located in the Vancouver Chinatown area where food, transit, and other resources are within close proximity. I'm wanting to paint more so hopefully having a studio space would give me some motivation to start.

and I dropped by Basic Inquiry for a quick drawing session...

here's this weekends batch of updates.


jimmy ly said...

it's like a feline godfather hahaha

Dave said...

Nice work! So you're back in Van?

ushio18 said...

Thanks Jimmy. now that you mention it.. he does have that godfather look.. haha.

Dave: no. I'm not back in Van. I was just back for the weekend. but I will be when I move back Dec 19.
Will be working out of Vancouver from then.. and will make trips to Seattle once in a while.
thanks for stopping by.