Thursday, September 18, 2008

Egg Doodles

Something totally random... was thinking of making a banner... but might not use this after all...


jimmy ly said...

thats awesome./

Anonymous said...

looks funny! How is it going with the new new job! Cheers T

ushio18 said...

Hey Torsten,

The new job is going great. Working on some development for an upcoming game for wii... so pretty excited!

how are things for you?

Anonymous said...

hey man,
things are going pretty well. I am working on several TV and Feature projects at the moment. All of them are still in hope the stuff will reach the screen one day.
The Harold design on my blog is one of the first initial design I did back in the beginning of 2007.
hope to show more once the movie is released. lets cross fingers that it will come over to germany too.
I see that things are proceeding well for you! great! good luck!