Friday, January 25, 2008


Been working on and off this one for 2 weeks now. finally calling it done. started out as a random sketch and thought maybe it'll turn out alright in color. It's a different style of coloring, as i'm experimenting with different styles at the moment.

It's not of any character in particular. Haven't come up with a name for this char yet.. calling him ART for now. will try to make a few more characters to see if I can come up with a group of characters and get a cohesive look.

C&C welcome.

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jimmy ly said...

what the... awesome work like this and 0 comments? BLASPHEMY!
Love the painterly eastern influence you got goin on, great color palette too!
One thing I noticed was it isn't really clear if the kid is communicating with the rat; it's almost as if he's staring right through it..
Usually, the closer an object is to someone's face, the more cross-eyed they become when they try to focus on said object.
Give it a shot and see if it helps